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12 and 19 LED Cluster Dual and Single Contact Automotive
15mm Bayonet Based LED Bulbs

1157 bulbs with 12 or 19 Red LEDS
1156 bulbs with 12 Red LEDS
1156 and 1157 bulbs with 12 or 19 White LEDS
1156 bulbs with 12 Amber LEDS
1157 bulbs with 19 wide viewing angle Amber LEDS

12~14 VDC
Max Power Consumption: 40ma tail / 90ma brake
Size: 1 inch diameter x 1 3/4 inches overall length

•  Drop in Replacements
•  Shock & Vibration Resistant
•  Great for boat trailers
•  Long Life
•  Low Heat Generation
•  High Intensity (for LEDS)
•  Instant ON/OFF
•  Monochromatic Color

For best results the LED color should be the same as the lens color

LED brake/tail lamps may not work with some thermal flasher units due to their extremely low current draw. These installations will require an electronic flasher unit available at your auto parts store.

LED bulbs may cause some newer vehicles to indicate a bulb is burnt out (because of their low power consumption). Some cars indicate this by increasing the flash rate of the turn signals, some do not flash at all. This can be remedied with "load equalizer" resistors on the turn signal circuits, we will carry these soon.

LED bulbs are generally not as bright as standard incandescent bulbs, they have many advantages over filament bulbs but brightness is not one of them.

Some of our bulbs are available with 12 or 19 LEDS, obviously the 19 LED units are brighter.

Some of our bulbs are available with Narrow or Wide viewing angle. The Wide angle (approx. 100 degree beam) will light up more area but dimmer than the Narrow angle. The Narrow angle (approx. 15 degree) will illuminate a smaller area but brighter than the Wide angle.


Wedge Based LED Car Bulbs

3156 / 3157 Red LED Wedge Base
dual contact 12 LED
White LED 3156 / 3157 Amber LED 3156 / 3157

7443 Red LED Wedge Base
dual contact 9 LED
White LED 7443 Amber LED 7440


Single LED Wedge Base Bulbs
These 12 Volt Super Bright LED bulbs will replace T3-1/4 (#194/168) filament bulbs found in many automobile and water craft applications. They have an inverted cone shaped clear lens that causes the light to emit from the sides as well as the end. They have a built in current limiting resistor and diode to protect the led from reversed polarity installation. If you plug them in and they don't light, turn them around and they will light.

Voltage: 12~14 VDC

20~25 mA

8mm x 24mm

Green Blue White Amber Purple (Red/Blue mixture)

Applications Include: dome lights, instrument cluster, interior lighting, license plate, side markers, warning indicator, head lamp housing illumination, ashtray, stereo accent, courtesy lights, gaming lamps, etc...

Replaces: 194, 158, 168, 12256, 12961


4 LED Wedge Base Bulbs

These bulbs are the same size as the single led wedge base bulbs (replace 194 and 168 bulbs) but have 4 smaller leds instead of one large led. They are brighter but project all of their light out the end so are better for applications such as interior map reading lights.

3022 and 4211 Festoon Base Bulbs
31 x 10 mm Festoon base with 2 LEDS 12~14 VDC
42 x 11 mm Festoon base with 6 LEDS
Available in
Red White Blue Amber and Green

Available with 2 or 4 LEDS (the LEDS all aim in the same direction)


Instrument Cluster and Gauge Backlights

Twist-Lock type instrument LED bulbs consist of a T 1 1/2 (#73/74) miniature LED bulb plugged into a twist-lock socket base.
Available with White Blue
Red and Amber LED
Overall length: 22.7mm   Extends into cluster: 15mm




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